Friday, April 12, 2013

Special sandwich for all your college kids

For all you broke college students, there are days when all you want is a f*ckin’ sandwich. So, you get up from your desk, open the fridge, take out the ham and cheese, then reach for the bread. Except you’ve run out, or the bread’s gone moldy, or you forgot to pick some up during your weekly grocery run. Drat! You desperately scan your kitchen countertop and cupboards, searching for any hope of sliced bread. Suddenly, your eyes fall on an orange package of Top Ramen.

Brilliance happens.

You rip open the package, carefully divide the ramen into two parts, then sandwich a few slices of ham and cheese between the chunks of stale noodles, using the seasoning to flavor your meat. You’ve reached the demise of your taste buds and the height of your genius at same damn time.


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