Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This is what happens when you leave a job at Arby's

After four long, roast beef-soaked years of working at her local Arby’s, Redditor chopieseeves was ready to throw away her name tag and move on to bigger and better things. The food service industry, as far as we know, has been good to chopie: She met her future maid of honor (also a coworker at Arby’s) during her stint and she was able to support herself while she earned a degree in veterinary technology.

So, it was up to chopie’s bestie to send her away from the world of drive-throughs and greasy sandwiches in style, and she didn’t disappoint (see above).

Honestly, what more could you ask for in a best friend? That girl really knows how to say “you’re special” while also saying “you’re dead to us” in such a subtle way.


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